Return from Exile

  • Story 0.5
Henry Black believed in himself and nothing else. He believed everything could be known and understood, and he had the brilliance to support his claim. Or so he thought.

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In his quest for knowledge, Henry stumbled upon the truth. Or rather, he stumbled upon someone who told him how to find the truth.
He’d have dismissed the man as a rambling lunatic seeking recruits for an obscure sect, but the claim came supported by facts. By a taste of the insight that could be gained, if only he dared to follow the path.

And really, how could he be expected to resist? Understanding of the world, answers to every single question man had ever asked–all of it his for the taking.

They warned him. They told him ultimate knowledge would require him to pay the ultimate price. But Henry Black was a genius, and he thought he was smarter than them. He thought his mind could take the burden of truth… and maybe it could.

But his soul? That was another matter.

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