Meet the Premise

In as few words as I can manage: Fall from Grace is about a demon who must remember what it was like to be an angel in order to protect Creation from the licking flames of Hell. Are you looking forward to reading it?

Meet the Setting

Detroit. Because can you honestly tell me there’s a better place to await the apocalypse? Not that the apocalypse is coming. It’s just a possibility. Really. World destruction might be avoided. However, that bleak mood and loneliness that throttled Motor City when the city went into bankrupcy are perfect for … Continue reading

Meet the Cast

There’s Edmund. Edmund Hale, another body-possessing demon, one Henry the angel called a friend before the Fall and during the War. Henry Black, as a mortal, met Edmund because he was much too curious for his own good. There’s Phillip Black. Henry’s mortal little brother. Not so little anymore (and … Continue reading

Meet the Villain

I can’t let you meet them yet. It would spoil the surprise. The villain isn’t God, though. Henry isn’t a hero to the villainy of traditional forces of good. (He wouldn’t agree to be called a hero, period, but we know better… right?) I promise to expound on villains when … Continue reading

Meet the Hero

Henry Black is one hell (pun intended) of a fun character. Fun to write, I mean. He’s complex… for one, because he’s two people in one body. There’s Henry Black, the mortal. He’s a bit cold, and a bit proud. and maybe a little bit conceited. After all, he thought … Continue reading