Ron C. Nieto

Brave New Stories

This urban fantasy author extraordinaire was born not that long ago in a bustling European city. There were no castles and definitely no princes whatsoever, and she can’t recall any fairy looming over her cradle, but she was awarded a gift of sorts: a wild imagination combined with a love for words.

She always knew she wanted to be a writer: actually, she doesn’t recall ever striving to be anything else.

Well, past that amusing stage wherein she insisted on being Batman, that is.

While Ron still loves comics and superheroes, cheesecake is a better bribe these days if you’re trying to hurry up the release of her next book. Even virtual cheesecakes in her mailbox can do the trick, sometimes.


Someone once asked her if she had ever spent a single day not reading anything at all in her life. She was duly horrified at the prospect.


You'd think she'd be tired of writing, what with it being her job and all. She isn't, and she loves to discuss the nuts and bolts of the trade for hours. Sometimes, she's been known to gush...


Most moments in her life have a soundtrack. Often, one that sounds in the back of her mind and makes the whole thing look a lot more epic than it is. Sometimes, if people around her are unlucky enough, she'll even hum.

Action movies

Or series. She likes movies better though, because she finds it hard to committ with TV series. Life's too short to binge-watch!


She doesn't really know a thing about stars. But she would like to.


She likes taking pictures. Flowers most of all, then animals and scenery. She also hates sharing those pictures!