Faerie Sworn

Faerie Nights

  • Story 0.5
Why does Troy protect Lily’s grandmother? What are his stakes in rescuing her? Find out the keys to his past and discover why he chose to gift her the silver rose necklace.


No faerie acknowledges a debt if they can help it…
but no faerie lets a debt go unpaid either.
Troy wasn’t always Troy. There was a time, before he met Mackenna, when he was only Kelpie. Nothing but the Unseelie Trickster. A hunter in his own right. Then he met her, and she gave him a new name.

Sometimes, there are different ways to save a life…

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Did you know that this short story started as a new take on Red Riding Hood? I guess that means Troy is the Big Bad Wolf of Faerie Sworn! Or is he?
Fun fact:

This story was first published as part of an anthology to raise funds for victims of domestic violence. You can get it free by joining my newsletter, but if you would like to contribute, the original copy is still up for sale

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