Warriors of Myth and Legend

Fianna’s Mark

  • Novelette 0.5
Some girls grow up dreaming of being special. Aisling never did, but special found her anyway—and the dream of any little girl is threatening to become her waking nightmare…



Innocent. Passionate. Mistaken.
Aisling O’Malley’s world changed the day she saw her best friend turn into a monster. Burdened with a purpose never meant for her, she needs to come to terms with her new reality of supernatural creatures lurking in the shadows and with the blazing mark etched across her back before someone innocent pays the price for the happy lie she’s been living.

She has the powers of a warrior of legend. Is that good enough to save those she cares about?

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If you have ever wondered how Aisling became a Fianna, and what scarred her in the past... then you need to read this!

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