Ghostly Rhapsody

Shattered Silence

  • Book 2
The lines between enemies and allies blur as the last notes of the cursed song echo. It is time to shatter the silence around the spiteful ghost who has preyed on the passionate and talented for over two hundred years. What will it take to sever her link to the world of the living?


What if the nightmare isn’t over when you wake up?
Keith never believed he’d get a happy ending, but he did. He got the girl, kept his sanity, and gained a few friends. Now he’s free to worry about normal things: choosing his carreer, getting the stamp of approval from Alice’s family… He should be a normal guy, with normal guy troubles. But after everything he’s gone through, Keith no longer believes in coincidence, and too many coincidences seem to be targeting Alice these days. He wants nothing more than to call them freak accidents, but are they?


Revenge is a powerful force
When evidence piles up, Keith has to face the facts. The curse that threatened to take over his shoul is far more complex than anyone thought, and it’s not going to give up. One way or another, it’ll have its due… and it’ll have revenge. How much can Keith forgive in order to learn more about the ghost haunting him? Just how far is he willing to go to save those he cares about?


Could hate possibly be stronger than love?

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The story continues! Read the next installment from Keith's point of view.

True love

Because nothing short of it will cut it this time...

Unlikely allies

Sometimes, the best choice is to team up with the worst possible person


Can the curse the truly broken? Or only stayed?

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