Ghostly Rhapsody

Silent Song

  • Book 1
Alice knew she loved Keith’s music. She also knew she couldn’t have him, not the outcast, not the weird kid, the loner, the one her friends laughed at. However, when her theater group throws them together for their senior year performance, she can no longer keep him her secret. She must choose. Will she stand up for him, not just to high school bullies but to the darkness that seems to surround their newest play?


His love was her secret
Alice always saw his talent, his passion. She saw his soul every time he played, and she was obsessed with it. Maybe even enamored. That’s why she kept sneaking into his practices, risking her reputation every night just to listen to him. But was that tenuous, furtive connection enough of a reason to take the final step? Could she stand by his side, when that meant standing alone?

Her love was his strength
But no secret can stay hidden forever. When Keith is drawn into composing the soundtrack for the high school play Alice is starring, their worlds crash together and she must make her choice: is Keith worth risking it all? Can they have something strong enough to withstand not only their differences but also the malicious darkness that seems to be entwined with their performance of Wilde’s Lady Windermere’s Fan?

A curse two hundred years in the making. One soul to break it…

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A story of true love, sacrifice, courage and finding each other, no matter what


A race against time to unravel the truth behind the unexplainable events surrounding Keith's new song

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