Faerie Sworn

The Wild Curse

  • Book 2
The game is neverending in the faerie realm. It must be played constantly, and death is just the beginning of defeat.


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Faeries play a game mortals cannot win… or can they?
Lily Boyd has made many mistakes: she has trusted blindly, she has freely given her name and she has indebted herself to faeries both dark and light. It seems she’s already lost the game, but she still has one winning card up her sleeve: the Wild Horn, the one item of power that can summon the unstoppable Wild Hunt.

With the balance between Seelie and Unseelie Courts in her hands, Lily must wisely choose her allies: should she side with Cadowain, the light Knight who swore to help her find her missing grandmother? Or should she keep trusting Troy, the dark Trickster who has the power to command her at will through her True Name?

Either way, Lily needs to keep her head and formulate a plan to find her grandmother before it’s too late. She needs to remind the immortal faeries that she, too, is willing to play… and they’re not unbeatable.


When playing for the win, do not lose sight of what you’re willing to sacrifice.

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Have you read Faerie Oaths yet? It will add some insight to what happens between The Wild Hunt and The Wild Curse... from Troy's point of view!
Lily from The Wild Curse


Where do treachery and deceit end, and where do true feelings begin? More importantly: will Lily realize the answer in time?

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