Faerie Sworn

The Wild Herald

  • Book 3
Lily must continue to play the game, and the stakes are even greater as it finally comes to a close. But when all is said and done, does she have the winning hand?

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Beware the broken ones. They have nothing to lose.
Lily’s gambit failed and the fallout is devastating. She misplaced her trust, betrayed the one who least deserved it and gave up the Wild Horn. She has lost.

Unfortunately, Lily doesn’t have time to mourn for her mistakes. The most powerful weapon known to Fay and men alike is on its way to the Seelie Queen’s hands, and if it reaches its destination, war will ravage both Courts. The only one who can stop the unraveling of the eternal balance between Summer and Winter is the Wild Herald.

Lily Boyd adopted that name once. Now she must embrace it.

With Troy by her side and under Marast’s protection, she needs to outplay everyone and master the secrets of the Wild Hunt before it’s too late. But are the Unseelie Trickster and the Hunter enough to stand against two Queens, and to unmake a legend?


Beware those who broke and learned to stand up again. They will not lose.

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Happily Ever After belongs to fairy tales. How hard are you willing to fight to make your Happily for Now last forever?


Adventure might change a person. Will Lily's change the world around her too?


The end of the road is in sight... Don't fall behind!

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