Fianna's Blood

When a legend everyone has forgotten walks free once more, who would you be willing to trust to bring it down?  

Aisling O'Malley only wanted to be a good Fianna. Somehow, she ended up with a deadly power she can't explain and with a would-be boyfriend whose very existence is a secret that might threaten the survival of Ireland. Now, something that goes bump in the night has awakened, and if she doesn't figure out what it is soon all the evidence will point at Ronan... and if his secret gets out, the Fianna will deliver the ultimate punishment--never mind whether it's fair or not.


Get ready for...

Irish Mythology

Dive deep into Irish lore, exploring an angle of the legends you'd never thought of before


Follow along a fast-paced story full of twists and turns, where things won't always be what they seem.


There's no real love where there's no absolute trust. Are Aisling and Ronan there yet?

Classic lit

Take a brand-new look at a gothic horror classic and discover the secret roots of a supernatural evil you thought you knew all about