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The Wild Hunt Book Cover

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For a limited time  

three full novels and three short stories

Over 1100 pages with over 250 five-star reviews on Amazon and over 450 on GoodReads. Don’t miss it!

Armed with nothing but her childhood memories and protected by nothing but the debt of gratitude of Troy, a dark faerie she doesn’t understand, Lily Boyd must decide who to trust while she navigates a world that is darker and more twisted than she is prepared for.

This bundle includes: Faerie Nights (story 0.5), The Wild Hunt (book 1), Faerie Oaths (story 1.5), The Wild Curse (Book 2), Faerie Hearts (story 2.5) and The Wild Herald.

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Most e-Readers

Take a look at the web address bar, above. You can open a browser (or an experimental browser) in most e-Readers: visit this same address, and hit the button for the correct formatting from you device. The file will download, your device will recognise it as an ebook, and you'll be able to read it anytime.

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The "Most e-Readers" method above should work just fine. However, tablets do need an app installed in order to be able to read eBooks. My personal recommendation is the Kindle App (available for Android or Apple). This way, you can also use the "Kindle email" method, which I find super convenient!