Exile of Angels

Return from Exile

  • Story 0.5
Henry Black believed in himself and nothing else. He believed everything could be known and understood, and he had the brilliance to support his claim. Or so he thought.

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Fall from Grace

  • Book 1
Forced into investigating a demon’s unsanctioned escape from Hell, the fallen Archangel of Secret Knowledge discovers that he might have exchanged one set of chains for another—at a price he’s not willing to pay. Will he discover the truth behind the opening of the Gate of Hell before the world is destroyed, along with the angels who took the Fall?

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All the Broken Pieces

  • Novella 1.5
Malik Sadik wants a simple life, thank you very much. He’s doing well with that goal until a robbery gone wrong changes everything…

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Rise to Freedom

  • Book 2
Truth and lies paint the world in black and white. But sometimes justice lies in the fine gray lines between the black and the white.

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Christmas Angel

  • Independent short story
Christmas Angel is a stand-alone short story set in the Exile of Angels world. WARNING! There are warm, fuzzy feelings inside.

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