Welcome to the Review Team!

We don’t have a cool-sounding name yet. If you have any suggestion, shoot me an email! Every team needs a name, after all (look at Avengers and The Justice League… no one would have taken them seriously if they had gone with A Random Bunch of Superheroes).

Anyway. I’ll be handling reviews through two services: BookSprout and StoryOrigin. If you already have a BookSprout account, go with that (it’s my old service). If you have a reviewer account with StoryOrigin, go with that (it’s the new service). If you have no account with either, you can pick your favorite platform:

  • BookSprout is easier to handle, but lets me offer a limited number of copies.
  • StoryOrigin offers unlimited copies, but you have to wait through one manual step on my end before you can download the book.

If you want, you can create your account now so you just have to claim your book when the next ARC is ready. Or, you can wait until the next ARC is ready. Either way, I want you to know you already are part of the (as of yet nameless) team!